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Calling all Chicago transplants and fans of the sports teams from the Windy City. If you are looking for a group and would like to meet with other Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks and Bulls fans at game watching parties, we are over 1,500 fans and we invite you to join the "Chicago Born, Arizona Based Sports Fans" on! You can join the group by clicking HERE!


On behalf of the University of Alabama Alumni Phoenix Chapter, I welcome all residents and non-residents visiting the Grand Canyon State to join our group for all Football games, SEC functions with other SEC Alumni groups and whatever else we have planned.  We have a wonderful group with tremendous enthusiasm and diverse backgrounds.  Come on out and make us your home away from home in this desert oasis! 

Brian Katz 

Chapter President 

Phoenix, AZ  

Florida State

Come join the Phoenix Seminole Chapter at the Half Moon and cheer on the Florida State Seminoles to victory. We welcome all FSU fans, FSU parents and FSU Alumni who live in Arizona or visitors to Phoenix. Go to our website for updated game times and other social events.  


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